Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hi, here we are on day three (or, rather, here I am - NO guest book signings, so I am probably talking to myself - but they DO say it's the only way to get any sense!)
Another lovely day. Azure blue skies here, with a bit of a breeze. Too strong really for a BBQ, but I hold great hope for tomorrow. It better be good, as I have got the meat etc in now, and will put stuff into marinate in the morning. Don't you just LOVE outdoor cooking and eating (or it is just a bloke thing?).
I had a good walk around Eyam, (pronouned eee-m) on Sunday. It was only 11 miles, but enough in the heat. My brother Colin and I started from Hathersage, and did a circular walk. We had lunch on the seats in the village square, and a welcome pint in the Miners arms (reputedly haunted by two lost female souls). There's a very good list of previous landlords - quite an impressive record - hanging in a frame on the wall.
I really want to add more pictures to this blog, embedded in the text, but each time I add more than one - they ALL appear at the start of the page - REALLY annoying :-(
I wish someone would give me a clue!
A close friend of mine is doing the coast to coast walk on her own, and I've just seen the weather forecast for the next few days - hot, hot, HOT!!!
It's Ashbourne Highland gathering this weekend - Scotland brought RIGHT to our door here in Derbyshire. It's a really good day, I've been for the last two years, and I wouldn't want to miss it now! Ashbourne is a pretty good place, I wish I could afford to live there, but alas, house prices reflect that it's a nice place in a nice location, hence mega-prices! They have the famous 'Shrovetide football' (or, rather, ROYAL shrovetide, to give it its proper titkle). What do you MEAN, you've never HEARD of it?????
See YOU, Jimmy!

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haus said...

Hi Les.
Good to see you blogging.
Will try and help with the image issue.
Mebbe you could have a real highland gathering up at mine some time.
Awesome scenery...makes for blissful walking.
regards, J