Saturday, November 25, 2006

Peckforton Hills walk

Not strictly a 'walk in Derbyshire', but then I usually put those up on the other blog ( ). This was a walk in Cheshire, the Peckforton hills, to be precise. An area I haven't walked much, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the day.
This is the view from the first slope of the day. The plains lie all around, and the vista was pretty good as it was a nice, clear day.

On the top of Rawhead, there was the ubiquitous Trig' point (or 'Ordnance column', as Wainwright used to call them).

These are the 'dropping stones'. I'm not sure how they got this 'handle', but there may be information on the link. Just click on the link below the title (above) and read more (I haven't read the link myself yet).

This is a distant view of Peckforton and Beeston castles.
I know - they are a LONG way off, but it's the closest I got!

Birch bracket fungi on a fallen tree trunk. This fungi is also called the 'razor strop fungi', as it is said barbers used to use it to sharpen up their cut-throat razors, the surface is SO rough.

Peckforton woods.

More fungi, I am not sure what it's called, but it tasted of br...............................

(sound of Les falling to the floor)

How posh is THIS???? Broxton hall. I had brunch and a pint here. The date above the window said that part of the hall dated from 1671, but the various parts have different dates, having being added to over the years.

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