Friday, April 20, 2007

A trip to see old friends

This entry describes a walk around the area near to Cerrigydruddion, about 20 miles beyond Corwen. I went to visit some friends there.
When I first started doing long distance paths (LDP's), my third one, in 1993, was the Pembrokeshire coastal path (diary of this walk can be found here; .
About 4 days into it, I met Ron, and his wife Rhiannon, and had a couple of days walking and meeting/chatting with them. Amazingly, we have kept in touch over the years, and I finally decided it was time we had a 're-match', so at his kind invite, I went over to a little village they live in called 'Cerrigydrudion'.

Here are my friends;
I KNOW Rhiannon won't thank me for putting her picture on here (shy little flower, isn't it), but I have to say, I think I caught them just right, and it's a nice shot of them.

On the way down, I passed these lovely castle remains.
It is in Ellesmere, and it just took me to capture it.
Nice that the swan posed for me too.

This is the miners track up Cwmannog woods. It was quite a steep path, but we plodded on and up.
A short while after this was taken, a young girl in what looked like waitress garb came striding the other way - complete with white shoes and dress!
As you can see, although warm, the day was hazy. And for this reason, I'll include some of Ron's pics, taken when it was clearer, so thanks to Ron for them.

Looking down on the disused Klondyke copper mine. The walk would traverse around the hills to the left and behind the mine, and we were to visit it later in the day.

looking towards the disused slate quarry

Llyn ceirionydd from the west side. This was a bit of a honeypot, and there were quite a lot of people here. The morons were out in force too, and we saw a crowd who had put TWO disposable BBQ's directly on one of the wooden picnic tables. Rhiannon took it upon herself to tell them, and to my surprise, there wasn't a torrent of abuse in return.
I don't think they'd take any notice though, and I wouldn't bet on them taking their rubbish away either!

A fine figure of a man.

Creigiau Gleision in the gloom. Nice show of Gorse though.
Cornel Farm & Llyn Ceirionydd.

Klondyke copper mine & silt beds

May blossom and an old cart at Cymannog farm

The date on the pulpit in Llanrhychwyn Church.

The roof of the old church.

Plenty of nice little clumps of violets, lots of wood anemone too!

Ha-harrrrr - Jim lad!

If any of you out there are thinking; 'I MUST tidy that shed out this weekend',
well - here is the most UNTIDY shed in the world (alleged).

And now, courtesy of Ron, a few clear pics.

And with a sigh and a goodbye, we headed off home. My thanks go to Ron & Rhiannon for their invitation, transportation and hospitality. Oh yes, and for the sharing of food. I did a really clever trick. After making up the most DIVINE sandwiches of ham, roast beef (separate), salad, olives, blue cheese etc, I promptly left them on the back seat of the car to slowly broil in the 28C sunshine. Ah well, I like banana sandwiches Rhiannon, thanks XX

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