Saturday, June 23, 2007

A week in Robin Hoods Bay

I've been in Robin Hoods Bay for a week, helping to run a friends B&B while they went to Portugal. The weather was awful, both here and there. The only two days I got free, were lovely! Over the weekend, I saw a steady procession of wet, bedraggled and disillusioned walkers file into the B&B. I got the Monday off, so I went on the NYMR (North Yorkshire moors railway). I was lucky it was a STEAM DAY!

When it's 'chuffing' like this, leaning out of the window and taking pics is very hard as you get a faceful of soot to remind you of why the coal & steam age was responsible for the 'pea-soupers' we used to get.

I only went as far as Goathland - one stop, but it didn't stop them charging me £4:50 for the ten minute ride! No WONDER we went electric/diesel! (Nice station though)

Ready to go.

You can see by the sky what a lovely day it was.
I have a nice video of the train pulling out of Goathland station, if anyone wants me to send it, just email back, and I will. This is the last view I got of the track before setting off across the moors. The heather is JUST starting to bloom purple, which surprised me, as I KNOW the moors will be that wonderful purple sea when I come to Whitby in August, so June I didn't expect to see any of the flowers? Is this global warming, I wonder?

This little bridge had some lovely foxgloves growing at the side of it. Most of the stone walls are hugged by this plant at this time of the year (Latin - Digitalis) which, by the way, is the most poisonous plant in the UK.
EVERY part of the plant is poisonous!

....and yet - SO pretty!

I looked across the moors to Fylingdales. There used to be a collection of huge 'golf balls' on the moors, but a few years ago, they disappeared and were replaced by this strange wall-like structure.

Nice shot of a wall leading you up to the blue sky.

I was JUST coming back into Grosmont, and I dropped into a wooded glade. My attention was drawn to the most amazing thing, a young doe! I've walked across Scotland a few times, but THIS was the best and closest encounter with a deer I've ever had. I really felt privileged to stand so close, looking at this beautiful wild animal. She watched me, chewed a bit, and suddenly, was gone in a few bounds. I stood there quite a while, baking in the situation.

That was the end of my first walk. I did a second to Whitby, then up to Boggle hole, but I'll post those pics in another entry later. I hope you enjoy these.

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