Saturday, July 15, 2006

YIPPEEEEEE!!! The weekend is here :-) I live for the weekends, and I reckon the government should allow SPECIAL dispensation for folk like me to retire early, say - thirty-five? Who wants to be at work, when you can be enjoying life?

Today it's a friends birthday, and she's being given a surprise party at Butterley railway museum; (

It's what they call a 'champagne breakfast'. Sounds good - I'll have some of THAT then!

There's a French market in Wirksworth today, and as I love France and all it's food etc, I'll be going to see if I can pick up some treats. Tomorrow, it's the Ashbourne Highland gathering. I've been to this for the last couple of years, and I love it. You have to like bagpipes though! Luckily, I do. I'll take a picnic this year, as it really looks like picnic weather, and just have the whole day there. The day finishes with the band majors trying to throw their batons over an overhead pub sign for the prize of a bottle of best malt Scotch whiskey, no mean or easy feat, I can tell you.

ONLY two WEEKS tomorrow (or, to measure it officially, fourteen sleeps) until I go to Norway. Have you ever been so excited, you could burst????

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