Saturday, August 12, 2006

Norway pics, posting two

Here are the second lot of photo's of Norway. I have had some strange effects trying to upload these, and some wouldn't go, but I hope these are OK.

This first one is one from the deck at sun up. I got up most mornings at 05:00 to see the sunrise, and believe me, it was WELL worth it! If you go to somewhere like Norway, you have to get as much out of it as you can. It's not a stay up late and lie-in holiday - that's not what it's about. It's a see as much as you can holiday. I did have a 03:00am late night, but that was on a sea day!

Once the sun had risen, this was the sort of view and colours we got. As the holiday progressed, it just got better and better. I feel SO lucky to have had what I did in Norway. As I have said, it was a dream location, and the dream was as lovely as it could have been.

I decided to book a trip to the Briksdal glacier (pics of that later) and that was stunning. However, for me, the trip up the valley TO the glacier held the most beauty! This valley was singularly the best and most beautiful place I have ever been to, and I mean that! I took LOADS of pictures, and I hope they can convey a little of what it was like.

The lake was still, llike a big mirror. All around were high mountains and steep walls of rock.

This was the view from the car park of the Briksdal glacier. Again, a really stunning place with waterfall after waterfall - all glacier fed. The area hadn't had a lot of rain, in fact they have had a good summer like us, but there was NO shortage of water here, the glaciers saw to that.

This waterfall was the DADDY! The thundering sound could be heard from 1/2 a mile away! Here, we had just crossed a bridge where we got a soaking in lovely, cold spray. I must admit, we deliberately walked slowly and enjoyed the cold shower on what was a very hot day.

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Helen said...

Hi Les, it looks like you had an amazing time and took some great pictures. As I said before I am not jealous!!! THanks for my dedication on the CW. Talk to you soon Love Melons xxxxx