Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PERFECT Norway cruise!

Well, I've just had a really TERRIFIC time in Norway, courtesy of P&O and the wonderful Arcadia! The sea was flat all the time, the sun shone every day, and the scenery - WOW!!!!!!! I have never had such a great holiday, only problem is, I put back 1/2 a stone in weight :-) If you could SEE the food, I ate in Gary Rhodes restaurant, and the Orchid Thai, and of course, the rest of the time I was WELL fed by the Meridian restaurant. This is the third time I've cruised, but this was by FAR the best!
No - it's not me walking on water - I am actually on the roof of a boat on the glacial lakes of Olden. The views just got better and better.
This cloudy-looking scene was at about 5:00am. I got up every morning at that time to watch the lovely sunrises, and also made sure i saw every sunset too.
You can see the glacier on the top of the fjord in this picture.
The sides are incredibly steep, and the depth of the fjord can be anything up to 3,000 METRES deep.

This photo can not do this scene justice. I can tell you, I and the dozen or so other people on the decks that morning were absolutely mesmerised by things. It was just so beautiful and serene, very moving.
Here, the sun is up, and the sky is once again blue. This was how all the days went, and it was great, but it DID tend to 'burn out' photo's, that's why the best ones were taken either later on at night, or early in the morning.
I left the Arcadia at Eidfjord and climbed part of the way up the side fjord wall until it was too difficult to go any further, and I was rewarded with this picture of 'our lady' at rest in the harbour.
A self-portrait of me on a rock at Eidfjord.
This was one of many, many fabulous waterfalls. With the fjords being so steep-sided, it was waterfall heaven! The best one was still to come at Olden, BUT this one will do for now.
That's all for now, but I took just under 1,000 pictures! I also went up in a sea plane at Bergen, so I'll post more pictures later - so please call in again in a few days (oh - and sign the guest book).



Anonymous said...

Hey Les!!! Happy Wednesday, December 10, 2008!!!! Keep warm! Love, Peaches

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Thanks Peaches, happy days to you and yours too xx