Thursday, September 28, 2006

France 2

What can I say about views like this? Well, I'll say this - you should GO to the region and just see for yourself! Every day was a treat, every view stunning. We had a little drizzle the first day we were there, but after that it was sunshine all the way.

The flowers are so pretty too. This little filigree beauty was one of many we saw. It was very noticable that the flora was a lot different from when I was here in May earlier in the year. The insects were a lot more profuse too, and I got some great pictures. There's always one you miss though - mine was a grasshopper that had wonderful blue wings when it jumped. I tried and I tried, but I never did catch it with them open mid-jump.

A few clouds on the first day only made for some terrific ray pictures. This picture changed by the minute, and I often found myself taking eight or nine, then culling them to the best one or two later on.

Here we are then - Brenda's lovely palace, on a hillside above the little village of Nyer. You can see what a lovely position it occupies. The view from the bedroom balcony at the front of the house overlooks the valley, and the night skies are totally unpolluted by light, so star-gazing is a must. Of course, Brenda has a telescope for the job (it's also employed to look for Izzard (Chamois antelopes) on the mountains.

On the Sunday, Brenda arranged a BBQ for about 35 or 40 friends. It was held in Nyer chateau, a more grand setting is hard to imagine. Complete with; 'Romeo, Romeo, - wherefore art thou' balconies, and old wine presses, block paved floors, a fossil grotto, palm trees, etc etc.

Oh yes - and the mountains that surround the Nyer gorge and village.

Here's the balcony - on the right there........

In the evening, I went for a stretch up the gorge. Here I am looking over the village. I could just sit here for the rest of my life. The feeling of tranquility you get is amazing. better than any pill or potion to combat the blues (if you have them).
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