Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Party in the Park, Darley Abbey

Last Sunday (3rd September), I went to the Darley Park 'party in the park'. I've been going to this (free!) concert for about five or six years now, and I ALWAYS enjoy it. It's all organised by Derby city council, and it's the biggest free classical concert in the UK. This was the first time we had a little rain, accompanied by quite high winds, but not much, and not for long! A few desultory showers, which soon passed, then it turned into a LOVELY evening - even the wind dropped to a slight breeze, so the fireworks could be enjoyed at their best. I always get there early, and have a picnic. It's not like having to queue to get in somewhere, you just turn up, select your 'pitch', get out the wine and picnic, and the orchestra are usually having a practice, so there's always something going on. One thing I wasn't keen on was some Northern Indian music, sitars etc. I can stand a little of this, like when I'm having an Indian meal for example, but to have 1/2 an hour of it 'forced', was not my idea of a good time. I did have to ask the question - if I went to an Indian music festival, would there be a thirty piece orchestra put on for me and any others in the audience? I think not!
Anyway - here's the park a couple of hours before the concert began. Not too many here yet, but starting to fill up a little.

Half an hour later, and the spaces are beginning to come at premium.

Then the rain fell! But - LOOK at this guys smile, it says it ALL! It's a great atmosphere, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. A little rain wasn't going to dampen spirits!

As you can see, a large area in front of the stage was cordoned off, as the ground had been badly churned up by the sound vehicles erecting the speakers (which ended up having to be towed around at the back of a TRACTOR!)

After the concert - my favourite bit - LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY, AND THE FIREWORKS!

I have NO idea what the council spend on the pyrotechnics, but it's WELL worth it! They were, as always, spectacular. They went on foir what seemed AGES, and the noise and light was awesome.

I could put LOADS of pictures up on here, but to really get the full effect, you need to go there. I look forward already to the first weekend in September next year, that's the date of the next one.

A super finale, and that was it. Over for another year, but thanks to Derby city council and all the sponsors for another wonderful party in Darley park.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics and fabulous commentary.Sure wish I could have been there.
Thanks Les