Sunday, September 10, 2006

The great Kinder Scout beer barrel race 2006 (Continued)

There we were, having an 'extreme picnic' (Guinness book of records informed) when this shower of LOONIES came over Kinder Scout's Southern edge - hauling bloody BEER BARRELS!!!!


Anyway, luckily, we were not 'en route', and so avoided being crushed and/or mashed. We watched these 'gladioliators' go past us, and felt a bit sorry for them. Here were we, full of olives, ham/beef sandwiches, Danish pastries (we take our picnics SERIOUSLY - NO slacking here!), and these poor devils were running fit to bust, for the Nags at Edale.

From the shirts, I think this is the Snake Inn team (front - Fat Lads team in blue, behind).

The Snake team were closely followed by the 'Fat Lads' team. All teams are released from the blocks at five minute intervals (or is it more?), and so this is a feat to catch a team in front!

TEARING down the hillside in a really admirable way are the Gladioli team (below). They came down here at an AMAZING pace! It's no wonder they are the masters when it come to this race!

They were no sooner above us, than they were running down the hill towards their goal - Edale! This team were focussed, and nothing, and no-one, was going to stop them retaining the title, although this year, they were harried into a VERY close race by the second placed Edale team!

The Snake Inn team were tired here, but then - who WOULDN'T be????

All credit to the lads, they 'done well'!

Here are the 'Gladioliators', dismantling their chariot. There was a hot time in the old town that night, but to be honest, they (Gladioli) were given a HUGE shot across the bows! I reckon, with a bit of training, and the bit between their teeth, the second placed team (Edale) can wrench the cup from the hands of the Gladioli - who cheekily left one team members tee shirt in the trophy, they were THAT cocksure of retaining it. The gap was but seconds - will we see a NEW champion team in 2007 -I am on my way to Ladbrokes NOW!

On the walk back to the car, this scene inspired me to take one last picture. Rather fitting, I thought?

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