Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas mists

October is supposed to be the month of mists, and mellow fruitfulness, NOT December!
Well, there's not much fruit about (outside Tesco's anyway), but today saw some really pretty mists around Wirksworth and Crich.
I took these pictures from the roadside. What a wonderful place to be, eh?
This one is looking across to the tiny hamlet of Alderwasley.

This one is the camera turned to look up the valley towards Crich village. I love the cows in the foreground, munching away at the grass.

This is the Crich cliff, in reality, a quarry face (which was recently re-opened). The tower on the top is Crich stand, a memorial to the 17/21st lancers. Information can be found here;

This is the same picture with the zoom off. Don't forget, you can click on any of the pictures to get a larger version. It's really ethereal when you see the land like this.

Another, similar view.

One last one, as I just LOVE the way this looks in the mist.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my 'fruitful' account of a misty Derbyshire day.

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