Friday, December 08, 2006

Who's dreaming of a white Christmas?

'I'm dreaming, of a white Christmas......' well - no need to dream in Norway, they are all ready for it NOW! I was checking a few webcams after returning from the country, and this one is of a place called Finse. It's the highest railway station in Norway, and they got the first snow in early November. I have kept an eye on it, and it has snowed quite often. Guess what though - the TRAINS are STILL running! If you want to know just how much snow they are coping with, look at the fence posts in the foreground on both pictures.

You can often see folk skiing by, or sometimes a train in the station. No 'leaves on the line' or 'wrong type on snow for the Norwegians! (PS - can you see the Xmas tree and lights that have gone up as well???)

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