Monday, December 11, 2006

Xmas trip to Nottingham part 2

There were one or two stalls that looked decidedly UN-German like this one! It was African crafts! (Had some nice stuff, though).

Here's the sausage stall, before it got busy, and BOY! Did it get BUSY!

I counted 200 sausages on here, and later on, they couldn't keep up with demand! I'd like the cash takings from this stall, at the end of the day.

When you're in a city, any city, look up. There's the most sublime architecture on show. Most people miss it, but I always take time to look up. This little spire, for instance. A lot of pride and craftsmanship went into this, what a shame if it goes unnoticed?

Here too, pressed into the side of a building, is a little topped out spire.

And just LOOK at the workmanship on these figurines over the Council house frontage!

Inside the shopping malls of Victoria and broad marsh, they've really gone to town on the decorations. This tree was really well done.

Please move on to the last part, part three (below)

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