Monday, February 05, 2007

Oil Heaven

As you'll see from the photo's above, I went to Trentham gardens last Saturday. After a lovely walk, we visited the 'retail area'. I'm not really into these places, but I spotted the 'country larder', and my mind turned to interesting cheeses and the meat deli'. There WAS all that, but the crowning glory was the oil and balsamic vinegar selection. I only had a quick taste at first, but was soon hooked. They were, without a DOUBT, the finest flavours I've ever tasted in oil and vinegar. I had already selected two bottles, when Karl, the owner and 'recipist' came out to where I was enthusing over his wares. He is SO devoted to what he does, and he showed me how to mix the already gorgeous flavours to create even better, more complex ones.
If you are over that way, I strongly suggest you go and get your buds tickled, you will thank me! Apart from the oils etc, there is a fantastic range of other yummy food (bread, cheeses (over 100) and meats).

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