Monday, February 05, 2007

A walk around Trentham gardens.

Last saturday, I took a trip to see Trentham Gardens, near Newcastle Under Lyme. I'd heard my Mum talk of the place, but I'd never been, so I thought it was time to put that right. I chose the most perfect of days, as it was cold, crisp and clear. I walked around the edge of the lake, up to the monument, back down through the woods, and back to the car, but not until I had had a taste experience (more of which in posting below).
Here's the lake view that greeted me. The sun was melting the frost wherever it kissed it, and a slight mist hung over the water.

I suppose I could do the; 'you can see their cox' joke here, but I don't want to spoil the effect of this photo.
(Oh - too late, I've already said it..........LOL)

Halfway round the lake, and this is the view along it.

A perfect tree, against a perfect sky.
'Nuff said!

This guy was called Granville Leveson-Gower. He was the first duke of Sutherland. You can find out more about him here (copy and paste this into Internet Explorer);,_1st_Earl_Granville

The lake was very popular with scullers.
This shot makes reminds me of water boatmen beetles!

Bullrushes and the lake.

Woods and forests always fascinate me. In a good light, they are beautiful.
Today was a good light

The warm weather had brought out some early 'visitors'.

.....and caused others to recline!

The next day I walked to, and around, Buxton. You can see the pics on my other blog at

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