Thursday, February 08, 2007

A touch of snow

No big write-up on this one. We got the promised snow, that's it!
Actually, the media went into overdrive, over-hyping the threat. We were supposed to be BURIED in the stuff, but in fact we got about an inch or so.
These pictures are around Codnor Park reservoir. It was frozen over, so the snow settled on the top of the ice. Always a nice touch, I find.

It was snowing quite heavily when i stopped the car, but it soon abated.
Still, this was a nice picture of the flurry.

A pristine track, with no footprints in the virgin snow.

I think this ice would be TOO thin to skate on.

Sticky snow, great for snowmen and snowballs. No time for either, though.

This Robin was a bug**r to catch on camera. He kept flitting about, This was the only one I managed to get of him. They are usually quite co-operative, but not today!


Needlelacer said...

Makes me glad I live where I do and not where it snows - I just don't DO snow these days. lol

Les said...