Thursday, February 08, 2007

A touch of snow

No big write-up on this one. We got the promised snow, that's it!
Actually, the media went into overdrive, over-hyping the threat. We were supposed to be BURIED in the stuff, but in fact we got about an inch or so.
These pictures are around Codnor Park reservoir. It was frozen over, so the snow settled on the top of the ice. Always a nice touch, I find.

It was snowing quite heavily when i stopped the car, but it soon abated.
Still, this was a nice picture of the flurry.

A pristine track, with no footprints in the virgin snow.

I think this ice would be TOO thin to skate on.

Sticky snow, great for snowmen and snowballs. No time for either, though.

This Robin was a bug**r to catch on camera. He kept flitting about, This was the only one I managed to get of him. They are usually quite co-operative, but not today!

Monday, February 05, 2007

A walk around Trentham gardens.

Last saturday, I took a trip to see Trentham Gardens, near Newcastle Under Lyme. I'd heard my Mum talk of the place, but I'd never been, so I thought it was time to put that right. I chose the most perfect of days, as it was cold, crisp and clear. I walked around the edge of the lake, up to the monument, back down through the woods, and back to the car, but not until I had had a taste experience (more of which in posting below).
Here's the lake view that greeted me. The sun was melting the frost wherever it kissed it, and a slight mist hung over the water.

I suppose I could do the; 'you can see their cox' joke here, but I don't want to spoil the effect of this photo.
(Oh - too late, I've already said it..........LOL)

Halfway round the lake, and this is the view along it.

A perfect tree, against a perfect sky.
'Nuff said!

This guy was called Granville Leveson-Gower. He was the first duke of Sutherland. You can find out more about him here (copy and paste this into Internet Explorer);,_1st_Earl_Granville

The lake was very popular with scullers.
This shot makes reminds me of water boatmen beetles!

Bullrushes and the lake.

Woods and forests always fascinate me. In a good light, they are beautiful.
Today was a good light

The warm weather had brought out some early 'visitors'.

.....and caused others to recline!

The next day I walked to, and around, Buxton. You can see the pics on my other blog at

Oil Heaven

As you'll see from the photo's above, I went to Trentham gardens last Saturday. After a lovely walk, we visited the 'retail area'. I'm not really into these places, but I spotted the 'country larder', and my mind turned to interesting cheeses and the meat deli'. There WAS all that, but the crowning glory was the oil and balsamic vinegar selection. I only had a quick taste at first, but was soon hooked. They were, without a DOUBT, the finest flavours I've ever tasted in oil and vinegar. I had already selected two bottles, when Karl, the owner and 'recipist' came out to where I was enthusing over his wares. He is SO devoted to what he does, and he showed me how to mix the already gorgeous flavours to create even better, more complex ones.
If you are over that way, I strongly suggest you go and get your buds tickled, you will thank me! Apart from the oils etc, there is a fantastic range of other yummy food (bread, cheeses (over 100) and meats).